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How to Setup/Install 123 HP Printer

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hp envy printer setup

Envy Printer are the essential home printer for affordable prints. Manage your home printing tasks without compromising on the quality. Our dedicated technicians can help you with printer and driver setup.

hp officejet Pro printer Setup

Officejet Pro Printers is the right pick for your large office printing works. Every feature of the printer fits your business need. We offer assistance for initial setup, driver download, and network setup.

hp Officejet Printer

Officejet Printer are the perfect fit in your small offices. Each feature of the device is to save time, and at the same time, it offers the best print quality. Enable the wireless or wired features with our technical assistance.

hp Deskjet printer Setup

Deskjet Printers offers basic functionalities, which are sufficient for home printing. Setup your printer in the right way with our expert guidance and download the recent drivers.

First Time HP Printer Setup

HP printer first-time printer setup usually involves the necessary steps. It includes unpacking, installing the cartridges, connecting to devices, and installation. Here, we have provided the basic steps for completing the HP printer first-time printer setup. For more details, refer to the instructions in the

  • To begin with, unpack the brand new HP printer from the pack with the accessories.
  • Now, clear all the transparent plastic tapes and the packing materials on the printer.
  • Then, connect the HP printer to the power supply and turn it on.
  • In case your HP printer has a display screen, you can change the display settings here. If not, you can set the display settings on the driver installation screen later.
  • Then, install the cartridges and papers in and proceed with the connectivity setup.
  • Here, connect the HP printer to the network and the devices with the cable or the wifi.
  • Then, install the suitable Windows and MAC drivers and software to the device. Finally, complete the hp printer setup for the first time.

HP Printer Software Download

HP Printer requires a specific set of software to perform efficiently in the long run. Basically, it offers a CD in the pack with the printer, which has the basic printer software. In case you need the complete HP Printer software package, you can download it from the Then install it to your Windows or MAC computer with the wizard.

Full feature or full solution driver

An HP Full feature Driver for a particular printer model has the complete set of available drivers. With the full feature driver pack, you can enable all the features of your HP printer in a snap. Now enjoy the full features from printing to mobile printing.

Basic driver

  • The basic HP printer driver has only the basic version of the drivers. This basic driver is sufficient to turn on your printer and print a file from the computer.
  • In case you wish to use any additional features other than the primary functions, you may require add-on drivers. The add-on drivers are available at

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HP Driver Download for Windows

  • Now you can download the latest HP printer drivers and software for your Windows device compatible OS version.
  • To get the suitable HP Printer driver set for Windows, you may use either the CD or the driver page.
  • The driver page usually has the recent driver version while the CD has the basic ones.

HP Driver Download for Mac

  • HP printers are compatible with a selective list of MAC OS versions depending on the printer model.
  • You can now install the latest MAC HP Printer driver versions from the driver page. However, you may also use the CD or the steps in the
  • The CD has the basic drivers for the primary functioning of your printer.

123 HP Wireless Printer Setup

Wireless Setup Wizard

Wireless Setup Wizard is a classic way of connecting the HP Printer to the wireless network. To use this feature, you may require the latest HP printer Wireless software and the wifi network details. The complete steps to initiate the Wireless Setup Wizard on your HP printer are given in

  • Firstly, access the HP printer menu through the touch panel and go to Network Settings.
  • Then, go to the Wireless setup option and then select the Wireless setup wizard.
  • In case your HP printer does not have a touch display, run the wireless setup file and follow the step.
  • Then, on the connection screen, choose the Wireless setup wizard option.
  • Here, the wizard lists the instructions to proceed with the wireless setup.
  • Then, it starts searching for the available nearby wifi home networks and lists them.
  • Now, from this list of networks, choose your home or workplace wifi name.

Here, the wizard asks for the wifi password. On typing the password, it establishes a secure wireless connection with the home network. For any printer setup steps, go through

Auto Wireless Connect

  • The Auto Wireless Connect is the automatic connection mode for the HP Printer.
  • For this method, you don’t need any cables or network password.
  • Sometimes, the printer connects automatically to the available wifi when you try to install the driver. Or else, do it manually during the first time setup process.
  • Now, enjoy the endless wireless printing from your HP printer. If you change the wifi network after configuring the Auto Wireless Connect, you have to start the procedure from scratch.
  • For detailed steps, use the instructions in the

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Usually, most of the HP printer support the wifi Protected Setup method. This procedure offers two different methods, namely Pushbutton and the secure code method.

  • For the pushbutton method, your printer and wireless router should have the Pushbutton. Now, start the procedure by pressing and holding the Pushbutton on the printer.
  • Then, press and hold the Pushbutton on your wifi router. Once connected, start the wireless printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple to find the IP address of your network printer. Now, click on the Start option and then choose the Printers and Faxes option. After that, right-click on your printer name and choose the Properties. Finally, select the Ports tab to get the IP address of the printer. Check out for detailed instructions.
It is possible to connect to the network without the help of the password. Firstly, on your smartphone, choose the advanced wifi options. Next, press the WPS push button on the printer. After that, tap the available WPS button on the router. Within a few moments, the printer connects to the available wifi. If the network connection is not established, check out for troubleshooting steps.
Initially, choose the Start button on the computer and select the Device and Printers option. Then, click on the Add a printer option to get the printer wizard. After that, choose the Add a wireless network option to get the list of printers. Finally, choose your printer and select the Next option. If you get any error message, refer to the steps in the
To print wirelessly without the wireless router, use the USB cable for wireless connection. Initially, get a standard USB cable with sufficient length. After that, install the wireless drivers on the computer and connect the cable when you get the prompt.
The issue commonly because of the connection failure between the printer and the computer. To get the proper connection, reboot the printer, and establish a secure connection. The second solution is to uninstall the existing driver from the computer. Once uninstalled, download the recent drivers. Finally, you can get a recent driver from
Firstly, turn on the Mac device and choose the System Preferences through the Apple icon. Then, select the Print & Scan option under the System Preferences and click on Plus sign. Now, click on the IP button and choose your printer to configure. The steps for configuring the Mac are available at