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HP deskjet plus 4158 First Time Printer Setup

HP deskjet plus 4158 setup serves your needs including simple and advanced printer function. The printer gives high- quality printing of pictures and documents. It works great when you get right hp deskjet plus 4158 driver. First, you need to complete the hp deskjet plus 4158 printer setup. Contact us for elite service.

hp deskjet plus 4158 printer

Step 1: Remove the 4158 printer from the box

  • Firstly, reveal the printer box by removing tapes and stickers.
  • Now, keep it on the flat surface to proceed.
  • Next, take off the packaging material from the accessories.
  • Unpack the printer accessories and finish the HP Deskjet 4158 setup.

Step 2: Connect the power cord to hp 4158 printer

  • The connection of the power cord is the basic step for the setup.
  • Now, insert one end of the cord to the printer and the rear end to the electric outlet.
  • After this, verify the stable power connection.
  • Later, switch on the printer after basic hp deskjet plus 4158 setup.
  • Lastly, wait for the printer to power up.

Step 3: Install hp deskjet 4158 ink cartridges

  • Initially, choose the right slots to insert new ink cartridges.
  • Now, clear the cover on the ink cartridge and keep it ready to insert.
  • Then, hold the cartridges with the nozzles facing towards the printer.
  • Lastly, complete the hp deskjet plus 4158 install for the successful insertion.

Step 4: Load paper into the 123 hp dj plus 4158 input tray

  • Initially, check the paper tray before you insert a bunch of papers.
  • Now, extend the input tray for placing the papers.
  • According to the allowed size and type, you should choose papers.
  • Always keep papers in the portrait position.
  • The capacity for the paper to keep in the tray is 280.
  • Lastly, push back the input tray to its regular place.

HP Deskjet 4158 Driver Download

How to Install HP deskjet plus 4158 for Windows

  • For hp deskjet 4158 driver download, get a power supply for the printer and computer.
  • Then, by utilizing the website page, find the deskjet plus 4158 drivers.
  • Now, click on the Driver and software option in the driver setup page.
  • In a moment, you will get a bunch of the drivers available.
  • Manually, enter the name of the driver you want, if the desired driver is not available.
  • After finding hp deskjet 4158 printer drivers for windows, click on download.
  • Now, to install the driver and follow the instruction given. 

How to Install HP deskjet plus 4158 for Mac

  • For downloading the hp deskjet plus driver, you need to finish hp deskjet plus 4158 setup.
  • Next, reach the driver setup page using your browser.
  • With the help of the search option, select the drive using the printer name and model.
  • Then, achieve the list of driver setup name, under the driver page.
  • Under the Driver and software option, you can find the drivers.
  • Now, click on download option to get deskjet plus 4158 printer drivers for mac.
  • Lastly, connect the USB cord and complete the deskjet plus 4158 printer software installation.
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HP deskjet plus 4158 wireless setup

HP deskjet plus 4158 Wireless setup for window

  • For hp 4158 wireless connection on windows, proceed to hp deskjet plus 4158 wireless setup.
  • Firstly, confirm the stable connection for your hp deskjet plus 4158 printer.
  • Using the browser, navigate to the setup page.
  • Now, select the Download option and run HP Easy Start.
  • When asked to pick your printer, click MY printer is not shown, if the printer is shown.
  • Hit the continue option and now choose Wireless network.
  • At last, you can confirm it by sharing the file to print.

HP deskjet plus 4158 Wireless setup for mac

  • To complete hp 4158 wireless setup on Mac, connect the computer to the same wireless network.
  • Firstly, have the network name and password to begin.
  • Then, disconnect any USB cable connected to the printer.
  • Now, move to navigate to the setup page, and click Download.
  • Next, open HP Easy start and click on Set up my HP product and continue.
  • In a while, you will get a connection to screen your printer and then click continue.
  • After installation, click Add Printer to create a queue and then select your printer.
  • For easy printing, you can complete the HP deskjet plus 4158 setup.

HP deskjet plus 4158 Auto Wireless Connect

  • The technology for automatic wireless connectivity is HP Auto wireless Connect.
  • Now, you can use this method without the help of cables and network credentials.
  • Note: Usually, the printer can offer service during the software installation.
  • Then, complete the deskjet plus 4158 Printer driver download to use this method.
  • Next, wait for the Auto Wireless Screen after hp deskjet plus 4158 setup.

HP deskjet plus 4158 HP Wireless Setup wizard

  • Firstly, check if the printer has a control panel or not.
  • If it has, then you can use this method for HP deskjet plus 4158 wireless setup.
  • Next, choose the Network or Wireless icon on the control panel.
  • Then, move to the settings option and now choose the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • When the list of wireless networks displayed on-screen, choose your network name.
  • Then, enter the password manually for getting connected with the network.

Note: The password for the network is case-sensitive.

How to Print documents in HP deskjet plus 4158

To print a document for Windows in deskjet plus 4158

  • Initially, turn your printer once you have completed the hp deskjet plus 4158 setup.
  • On windows menu, find the File Explorer option of the left corner.
  • Now, click on the document that you wish to print, and click the Share tab.
  • Next, select the Print option from the list.
  • At last, do the required change to print in the desired way.

To print documents for OS X and macOS in deskjet plus 4158

  • To begin with, set the printer on with a stable network.
  • Open a document you want to print and click the file menu and then click print.
  • Next, under the print dialog make the required changes.
  • Then, you can click the arrow below the preview image and make the changes.
  • Save the changes, and then select Print to send your document.

To print on both sides of the page for Windows in deskjet plus 4158

  • Ensure that 123.hp.com/4158 printer you will be using is ready to print.
  • Open a file you want to print, tap on file option and select Print.
  • Know your 123.hp.com/setup 4158 printer name and then click properties.
  • From Document properties option select the two-sided printing option.
  • And also select the option for booklet style and tablet, select either of them. Now, click the OK option and select the Print option.

To print on both sides of the page for OS X and macOS in deskjet plus 4158

  • Make your 123 hp com setup dj plus 4158 printer ready for printing on both the side.
  • Select the document you need to print and click the File option.
  • Hit the Print option and select Show detail option.
  • Check the checkbox, and select the Layout option and select the Two- side printing.
  • Then in the last click the print option.

HP deskjet plus 4158 Printers - How to Print Photos for Windows

  • Before printing the document, modify the color, brightness.
  • Right -click the photo and Choose, Open with option and then select Paint.
  • Click Print, File or the menu option from paint and then hit Print option.
  • Under the Print picture window in Windows Photo viewer, click options and then select Printer properties.
  • On the Print window in paint, select Preference.
  • By doing this you will be ready to print in the way you want to.

HP deskjet plus 4158 Printer - How do I print photos from my phone or tablet?

  • Firstly, Power on your 123 hp deskjet plus 4158 printer and load the paper in the input main tray.
  • And check whether the ink cartridge is ready for printing
  • Open the file you want. You can open files stored locally.
  • Hit the menu button on the top right corner of your phone or tablet screen.
  • Select Print and click Drop- down arrow.
  • Select your 123 hp com/setup 4158 printer and tap on the print button.
  • It look similar like a printer option.

How to Scan for windows in HP deskjet plus 4158 Printer

How do I perform a first-time scanner setup in deskjet plus 4158?

  • Search for customer support, look for your printer and then click Download.
  • Install the HP Scan and keep the document on the scanner glass.
  • If the printer has the scan button, wait for your Scan to complete.
  • Click the file with the scan in their name.
  • Search windows for HP and select the 123.hp.com/dj4158 setup printer.
  • Select the option given Scan a document to open HP scan.
  • Change the necessary changes and click OK or save.

HP deskjet plus 4158 - How do I scan documents or photos into the computer?

  • Move to customer support and enter the printer model and click the download.
  • Install option which includes HP Scan.
  • Keep the item on the Scanner glass.
  • Look for Windows and pick your 123.hp.com/dj4158 setup printer.
  • HP Printer Assistant opens, Click scan and then select Scan a document or photo
  • Now HP Scan open, select the scan shortcut, modify job settings And then click Scan.

HP deskjet plus 4158 Printer - How to Scan (Mac)

How do I perform a first-time scanner setup in hp deskjet plus 4158?
  • Navigate to 123.hp.com/dj4158 and install the HP Easy scan software.
  • Place the document on the Scanner glass and close the lid.
  • Hit the scan option present in the control panel.
  • Select your hp deskjet plus 4158 printer name and scan job type as well.
  • Wait for the scan to finish, and get back to the computer.
  • The folder, in which the scan was saved, automatically opens.
  • Select the file, with Scan in its name to view the scan.
HP deskjet plus 4158 - How do I scan documents or photos into the Mac?
  • The document must be properly kept on the scanner.
  • Find Mac for scan and from there click HP Easy Scan from the list.
  • Select your printer from the scanner list.
  • Click a scan job type from the presser menu and then click Scan.
  • Make changes which are required and click send and then select Folder.
  • Modify the file name given in the prefix field.
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123 hp customer support
123.hp/dj4158 - Print with HP ePrint
To print a document using hp ePrint in deskjet plus 4158
  • To print a document firstly, on web service, tap ePrint option.
  • If web service is already On then tap Print option there.
  • The email will be displaying on the control panel.
  • Use the 123.hp.com/setup 4158 printer’s email address to send the printing job to the printer via computer, smartphone, laptop etc.
  • Compose an email with personal account and type the printer’s email address.
  • Under the subject, title type your subject related to your work.
  • Attach the document and tap on Send option.