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HP Envy 5012 Setup and Install

Even if you are new to the 123.hp.com/envy5012 printer device, you will never feel the difficulty in setting up with 123 HP Printers. The printer has features that are easy for users to setup and use.

123.hp.com/hp 5012 printer setup

Step 1: Remove the hp envy 5012 printer from the box

  • Handle the 123 hp envy 5012 printer parcel which you have received with care.
  • Find the edge of the tapes and stickers, and clear it without leaving a residue.
  • Pull the hp 123 envy 5012 printer from the box, and clear the environment which has packing material.
  • Choose the place for fixing the printer which has the socket nearer to it.

Step 2: Connect the power cord to hp envy 5012

  • The wall outlet should provide the proper electrical connection to the 123.hp.com/setup 5012 Printer.
  • Plug the cord into the wall socket, and connect the other end to the printer side.
  • To ensure the electrical connection, turn on the HP Envy 5012 printer.
  • The power button will glow after starting the printer, and set the preferences of your choice.

Step 3: How to install the hp envy 5012 ink cartridges

  • You will receive the allotted number of 123 hp 5012 ink cartridges with the package.
  • To reveal the ink cartridges from the pack, clear the tapes.
  • Search for the color code on the printer slot, and fix it in the slots.
  • You need to ensure the correct fixing with the snap sound that produces while placing the ink cartridges.

Step 4: Load paper into the hp envy5012 input tray

  • The paper tray of the printer will have the inner part called the input tray.
  • 123.hp.com’setup 5012 envy Input tray is for placing the paper, having allowed type and size.
  • Make sure that there is no curled or damaged paper in the bunch before placing it.

Step 5: Align the hp 5012 ink cartridges

  • Use the compatible and genuine hp envy 5012 ink cartridges that you have received with the package.
  • Then, place the ink cartridges according to the instructions provided in the printer manual.
  • Touch the plastic parts to hold the ink cartridges. Check the cartridge for leaks and fix it.

Step 6: Install the hp envy 5012 software

  • No device will work without the driver software which is the fuel for the electrical device.
  • Pick the correct software for the Envy 5012 printer from the shown list when you type the printer model number in the support page.
  • The Run option will help you with the installation of the driver on the computer.

HP Envy 5012 Driver Download

Download hp Envy 5012 driver for window

  • The online support is always available for the HP Printer and Driver download process.
  • Open any browser as you wish, and go to the support driver download page.
  • In the webpage, type the printer model by referring the printer manual and click on Begin to search.
  • Once the search is over, the webpage will list the available drivers for your printer model.
  • Click on the suitable driver package by analyzing the features and click on 123.hp.com/envy5012 download.
  • Allow the downloaded software to run on the device.

Download hp Envy 5012 driver for mac

  • The recently updated printer driver will enhance the overall performance of the printer.
  • So, HP recommends users to download the updated software from the legitimate website.
  • Go to the available browser on the Mac computer and search for the driver download page.
  • Provide your printer model number to avail the best full-featured software for your 123hp printer.
  • After reading the special features, choose the driver package and download it.
  • Launch the hp 5012 envy set up file to enjoy the first printing experience.
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123 hp customer support

HP Envy 5012 wireless setup

HP Envy 5012 Wireless setup for window

  • Nowadays, everybody prefers the Wireless option to make their tasks less complex.
  • Connecting the device to the wireless network is simple with the help of the product control panel.
  • It is visible that your printer will have the Wireless icon under the Home Screen.
  • A Settings option will get into the available wireless options.
  • From the list of wireless options, click Wireless Setup Wizard or 123.hp.com/setup 5012 Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • The on-screen instructions will ask permission to select the connection as you need.

HP Envy 5012 Wireless setup for mac

  • When it comes to Mac device, it is different to setup the wireless connection.
  • The HP Smart App will help iOS users for the 123.hp.com’setup 5012 wireless connection.
  • You should know the fact that Bluetooth is necessary for the wireless connection establishment.
  • Download the Smart App from the Mac store and open it.
  • For the iOS, tap the Setup a new Printer option to add Envy 5012 printer to the local network.

How to print documents using hp envy 5012 printer software

How to print a document from hp envy 5012 in windows
  • Nourish new papers after removing the left over.
  • Download any recommended printing software and go to the Print option.
  • Inspect the connectivity of the printer and PC.
  • Using the shortcut keys, open the Properties discourse box.
  • You will get the Properties, Options, Printer Setup or Preferences based on the software application.
  • Under the Printing Shortcuts tab, choose the needed option.
  • Shrink the Properties box after selecting a Print tile.
How to print documents from hp envy 5012 in OS X and macOS
  • Printing the documents to the printer from the OS X and macOS simple than you think.
  • Make sure that there is a reliable network connection between the devices.
  • The supported document types for printing from the Apple device are PDF, MS Word, photos, MS Excel.
  • Touch Show Details to change the Paper Size, Orientation, and scaling percentage.
  • Finally, click on print as you need.

How to print photos using hp envy5012 software

To print a photo from the computer for windows in hp envy 5012

  • You should select the flat paper, and then place it in the input tray.
  • Open any printer App where you have saved the photo and select Print.
  • Once again check the connection between 123.hp.com/envy5012 printer and the computer or laptop.
  • According to the software that you use, choose the Preference option.
  • Close the Properties option and begin to print with the Print option.

To print a photo from the computer fr OS X and macOS in hp envy 5012

  • Open the app which has the desired photo to print. From the software, you need to select the File option.
  • While selecting the file, your printer should have a connection with the device.
  • Make the necessary changes before taking the printouts of a photo.
  • Select the print settings such as paper type, quality and touch Print option.

How to make a copy in hp envy 5012

  • Select the document that you want to make copies. And, place it on the corner of the scanner glass, the printing side facing down.
  • In the home screen of the printer control panel, touch Copy option.
  • To take more than one copy of the selected document, you can enter the number of copies using the spinner.
  • Select the Back button to move back to the previous Copy option and initiate the copy job.

How to Scan on HP Envy 5012

To scan a document or photo using the hp envy 5012 printer scanner

  • Initially, you need to load the original sheet on the scanner bed.
  • Download the HP Smart app from the app store, and make it available to use.
  • Locate the Scan area and choose the Scanner option.
  • If you want to have a look at the image before scanning, tap the Preview option.
  • Tap the Scan option, and Save the file once completed scanning.

To scan a document or photo using the device camera in hp envy 5012

  • There is an option to scan the document using the camera if your device has a camera.
  • To use the device camera, you will need the help of the HP Smart app.
  • Under the Scan section, select the Camera. Show the document to the device’s camera.
  • Then, click the round button to take a copy. Use the Apply to scan the selected document and click on the Save icon.
HP Envy 5012 Printer - Scan to a computer
To enable the scan to a computer feature in hp envy 5012 - Windows
  • HP recommends certain scan software for scanning to a computer or laptop.
  • For initiating the scanning process, your printer should have that software.
  • When you use the USB connection, the scanning option activates automatically.
  • Unlock the printer software and search for the Scan portion.
  • And then, choose the Manage Scan to Computer and Enable the option.
To enable the scan to a computer feature in hp envy 5012 - OS X and macOS
  • To scan the documents on the devices that run on OS X and macOS. It is must to have the correct software on the device.
  • HP Utility will help you to take a scan of the documents.
  • Your device will have the HP Utility when you download the full-featured software for the Apple device at the time of driver installation.
  • You can find the Utility in the HP folder under Application folder.
  • Open the Scan Settings to select 123.hp.com/setup 5012 Scan to Computer.
  • Make sure that Enable Scan to Computer is on.
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123 hp customer support
How to change network settings in hp envy 5012

To print network settings in hp envy 5012

  • It is easy to setup and manage the wireless connection with the printer control panel effortlessly.
  • Printing the network settings is simple with two different steps. For both methods, you need to use the printer control panel.
  • In the home screen, use the Wireless option to view the network status screen.
  • Then, click the Print Info option to redirect to the printing of the network configuration page.

To change IP settings in hp envy 5012

  • Automatic option is the default IP setting, and if you want to use the different settings, you can modify them manually.
  • Touch the Wireless option to get the Settings screen.
  • In the message box, select the IP Settings and click on OK.
  • When you perform the above set of instructions, the Automatic option becomes the default.
  • Anytime, you can alter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Address.
How to change the connection type from usb to wireless in hp envy 5012

How to change from USB connection to wireless network in hp envy 5012 for Windows

  • You need to go through the requirements for the connection type change procedure.
  • Before proceeding with it, you need to ensure that the printer should have connected to the same and secured network.
  • Move to Tools > Device Setup & Software > Convert a 123.hp.com/envy5012 USB connected device to wireless.
  • After that, automatically screen will help you with the changing process by showing the step-by-step instructions.

How to change from USB connection to wireless connection in hp envy 5012 for OS X and macOS

  • It is not mandatory to use the connection method as USB.
  • The user can change the connection type to a wireless connection when they no longer interested in using the USB connection.
  • Your printer should not have any USB cable connected from the printer when you are going to change the connection type.
  • Then, try restoring the network defaults of the printer. Open the HP Easy Start app with most recent updates and go through the on-screen instructions.
HP Envy 5012 Setup - Troubleshooting
HP Envy 5012 Leakage of Ink while printing
  • Get the lint-free cloth for cleaning the printer, and have the paper sheet handy to lace it on the cartridge.
  • Then, enable the printer to provide power to it.
  • Unveil the cartridge access door, and take a look at the access area.
  • Cut off the power connection. Gently, tap the cartridge tab to release it.
  • Check the printer contacts for ink debris and smudges.
  • Clean the debris, and check the cartridge for damage.
  • If you find the damaged ink cartridge, throw it away and attach a new 123.hp.com/setup 5012 ink cartridge.
HP Envy 5012 Paper Mismatch Error
  • Due to various reasons, this error shows up on the printer. Always make sure that you are using the recommended envelopes and paper sizes and types.
  • To adjust the paper size, follow the below instructions.
  • Click the File to select the required document, and choose your 123hp.com/setup5012 printer from the drop-down list.
  • Choose Printer Properties or Preferences for amending the settings you want.
  • For reflection of the changes made on the settings, save it properly.
HP Envy 5012 Print job stuck in print queue
  • On your Windows computer, get the Run windows using shortcut keys.
  • Enter services.msc in that Run box. You will get the Services window displayed on the screen.
  • Right-click the Print Spooler from the list and choose Stop.
  • Move to the C: Windows > System32 > spool > Printers and remove all the files.
  • Restart Print Spooler service with the help of Start option. Highlight the Print Spooler in the Service window.
HP Envy 5012 Scan Quality Issues
  • The quality of the scanning documents decreases when the scanner bed has some smudges or dirt.
  • You need to assure that the issue is with the scanner and not with the printing.
  • Raise the lid and spray glass cleaner and clean it. Close the lid once cleaned.
  • Place the documents that are in good condition.
  • Sometimes, calibrating the device and resetting the 123.hp.com/envy5012 printer may fix the problem soon.
  • Try to scan after increasing the resolution or the contrast.