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How Do I Setup Fax on HP Printer?

Most all-in-one printers come with the option of setting up the fax and sending them directly from the printer. Although we assume that using fax is an outdated means of exchanging information, it is highly used in offices. In this guide, we will share details on how you can send your fax on an HP printer.

Get instant assistance by contacting us to provide assistance in setting up the HP printer for fax or you could follow the below-added instructions to complete the set up of the fax on the HP printer. Note that the steps should be followed accurately to accurately complete the HP printer setup.

  1. Power up the HP printer and the device that is connected to the HP printer.
  2. Following this, the physical set-up of the printer should be completed.
  3. Set up the printer by plugin it into the power supply.
  4. Download the HP printer driver. Most preferably the all-in-one printer driver.
  5. The all-in-one printer driver can be used to fax files.
  6. Or, a fax utility driver can be used to utilize the fax facility.
  7. Place the document on the scanner bed or the automatic document feeder.
  8. Choose the settings that are needed for the fax based on your preference.
  9. Complete the settings for the color of the file – black and white and colored.
  10. Click Fax from the options given and compete with the other instructions on the screen.
  11. Add the recipient’s number at the end of the process and complete it.

With this, the fax will reach the recipient’s device. Follow the same steps as instructed to make sure the fax reaches the designated number. It is vital that all the steps are followed to complete the process of 123.hp.com/setup to fax files.

Should there be further issues with the HP printer fax, contact us for further assistance. We will be able to provide you with hand-held assistance to send a fax across to the recipient.