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Wireless router

It acts as a conveyor to receive the internet and the User’s Network access for the printer or other printer-related devices to perform print using adequate signal strength. For that, you need to share the HP Deskjet 4650 printer network with compatible devices. Prior, get the stable and secured network type to initiate the print work using your desired compatible Windows/Mac devices.

Steps to connect the HP Deskjet 4650 printer to the Wireless router

  • First, complete the Primary printer setup using the basic configurations and connections with the support of the HP Manual given.
  • Then, check whether the connected system and printer are ready with the requirements to start the printing work.
  • Now, connect the one side cable to the printer to the other end to the available router USB ports. You can also use the network available jack.
  • Turn on the printer, Compatible Windows/Mac system, and Wireless router using the power button.
  • Wait until the printer-to router responds.
  • For the problem-free setup, don’t use the extensions to connect the printer to the socket.
  • Further, get the wireless router as possible close to the HP Deskjet 4650 printer setup for the uninterrupted process.
  • On the HP Deskjet 4650 printer, use the configuration print page and obtain the network credentials, which contains the basic network name and IP address to connect.
  • Utilize printer-details and enter the printer-keys to the allotted router configuration page using your network connection.
  • Now, you can use the Wi-Fi option or wireless using the wireless Setup option from the printer control panel settings.
  • Try to obtain effortless printing work using the easy setup procedures.
  • Always try to connect the printer-Router using the intact connection for the problem-free setup & configuration.