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How to find my HP printer Wi-Fi password?

Most of the HP printers support wireless connection. It helps the user print immediately without using any form of wired setup. Based on the printer model, different techniques are used to link the HP printer to the Wi-Fi network

If your printer has a control panel, you can easily link using the wireless setup wizard option. If your printer has a control panel, you can link it using the Wi-Fi-protected setup.

HP smart app is an easy option for completing the wireless connection. Regardless of the procedure, you need a Wi-Fi pin to connect your printer to the Wi-Fi network. In this article, we will discuss three different ways to find out the Wi-Fi password easily.

1.) Find out the WPS pin in the printer

  • If you are using a Wi-Fi-protected setup technique to connect your printer to the PC, make sure to look at the printer control panel, it will display the PIN.
  • If your printer doesn’t have a display panel, press the “ I “ button to print an information page. Under the suitable topic, you can find the WPS pin.
  • On prompting, enter the WPS pin in the system and click next to finish the setup.

2.) Check the router for the password.

Take a look at the product label presented on the bottom side of the router. The product password can be present close to the wireless network name or SSID. It will be named as a wireless security key password or Wi-Fi password.

3) Check your personal computer or Android.

You can also find out the HP Wi-Fi password on your computer. If you have a windows system use the steps given below.

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings
  • Choose related settings
  • Now click the change adapter option
  • Right-click on the wireless network
  • Click status and choose connection and click wireless properties.
  • Select the Security tab and choose the show characters option
  • Make a note of the password.

In case you have a Mac system use the instructions given below one by one

  • On the Mac system press the finder option and open it.
  • From the Go menu, choose utilities and click keychain access.
  • Now choose system keychains and then choose click system.
  • From the list, click twice on the Wi-Fi network
  • Now open the attributes window
  • Now choose the box show password.
  • When prompted, enter the Apple ID password.
  • Now the show password field displays the characters. Take a note of it.

If you are an android user, follow the guidelines given below to check out the Wi-Fi passcode.

  • Open the Wi-Fi menu
  • Select the saved networks
  • It displays the list of Wi-Fi networks
  • Choose the network from the list
  • If prompted enter your android passcode.
  • Touch the share option and select the share icon.
  • Now a QR code will be displayed.
  • The Wi-Fi password will be provided underneath the QR code.


You can easily choose any one of the procedures given above to find out the wireless network password. It is suggested to download the HP Smart application onto any of the devices and add the printer immediately. It is the most convenient method to connect your printer wirelessly to your device. The HP smart app is a one-stop solution for all your printing needs. It also helps in case of troubleshooting.