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Where to find WPS Pin on HP Envy 6055 printer

Prior, to beginning the WPS setup or PIN for the HP Envy 6055 printer, you have to know certain things related to the WPS Pin and settings. Yes, do you know? What is WPS Stands for? WPS Pin stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN that makes an interface connection between the HP printer and a computer or laptop using the user network support. It is a referral code of a unique 8-digit PIN that should be entered during the process of wireless configuration procedure.

Where to find the WPS Pin in the printer:

You can directly find the WPS Pin on the desired HP Printer or use the control panel settings.

  1. Using control panel settings.
  2. Network configuration page report.

Using the Control Panel?

  • Go nearby to the HP printer to press the Wireless buttonSettings option.
  • Simply, tap on the WPS option, then proceed with the given on-screen instructions.
  • If prompted, specify the WPS PIN from the screen to the field required.

Using the setup page printout?

  • Get nearby the active HP Envy 6055 printer module and press & hold the Cancel (X) button for a few seconds.
  • If you find the stable light starts to blink, you have to release the Cancel (X) button.
  • Visibly, you can notice your printer will start to print the Configuration page automatically that has your unique WPS PIN.

Steps to be done to know the WPS Pin on HP Envy 6055 printer:

  1. To begin with, you have to confirm the connectivity among the HP printer, router & computer device using the stable network support.
  2. Confirm with the power supply and adjust the router’s settings to get the router settings to the default network.
  3. Note: You can see the wireless router may sometimes won’t prefer the default settings automatically.
  4. Connect through the home page top-left and choose the Settings option.
  5. Ensure using the Network setup option to get the option- wireless settings. Here, pick the Wi-Fi Protected setup via the drop-down option. 
  6. Now, you can get the unique 8- digit WPS PIN on the active screen.
  7. Tap and copy or have a note & mention it to the Router’s web-based configuration.
  8. Finally, to confirm the HP Envy 6055 WPS setup– assign the print task and print effortlessly using the stable network support.

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