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Why is My HP Deskjet 2725 Printer Printing Blank Pages?

When it comes to HP DeskJet 2725 printer, you might face some printer problems. One such issue is the printer printing blank pages. Thus, we are providing a procedure for solving this printer problem.

  • To start with, switch ON the printer.
  • Choose the (-) icon given in the control panel.
  • Click on the Right Arrow button and choose “Tools.”
  • Now, choose the option – OK.
  • Then, tap on the Right Arrow button to choose Estimated Ink Levels.
  • Select the OK option.

If none of the cartridges have a low ink, you do not have to replace the cartridges. However, if the ink on the cartridges is low, then you have to replace them. Do you know how to remove and insert the ink cartridges? If yes, then here is the procedure for it.

  • Move on to your 123.hp.com/dj2725 printer tray.
  • Load compatible sheets on the tray.
  • Press the printer power button and switch ON the printer.
  • Then, open the access door of printer cartridges.
  • Take out the ink cartridges from the cartridge slots.
  • Now, do not touch the printer nozzles or contacts.
  • Next, take the new cartridges from the pack.
  • Remove the covering tapes from the cartridges.
  • Insert the appropriate ink cartridges into the slots.
  • Now, repeat these steps to replace the other cartridges.
  • Finally, close the access door of printer cartridges.
  • Next, ensure that your 123.hp.com dj2725 printer is in active mode.
  • Touch the button (-) provided in the printer panel.
  • Click on the right arrow button and choose the option- Tools.
  • Continue and select the right arrow button.
  • Select the option- Align Printer and proceed.
  • Lift the lid of your printer.
  • Keep the alignment page on the printer scanner glass.
  • Then, close the DJ 2725 printer lid.
  • Proceed and finish the alignment process.


So, have you all clear with the procedure given in this blog. If your HP Printer is not printing black pages, then use the steps given above.