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Steps to fix HP Laserjet Printer Offline Issue

When you are in the busy phase of work- you can get the unexpected error stating Printer Offline on your printer control panel. You can use the given steps & procedures to overcome HP Laserjet printer Offline issues. Try to ensure the printer setup and access according to the printer preferences and functions stated.

Step1- Turn off the Smart install:

  1. Use the HP Laserjet printer control panel and access it through the Service menu.
  2. Connect through the Smart Install option and try to select OFF.
  3. Then, try to reboot the connected system properly using the Manual given.
  4. Assign the print task and do the print work to ensure printer activeness.

 Step2- Do the power reset and check connections:

  1. Try to remove the USB cables that are connected to the printer and devices to ensure the printer’s function & defects.
  2. Attempt the disconnection by removing all the packing materials from the respective ports and wait for the printer to turn ON to the active state.
  3. Try to wait for at least 60 seconds and make sure the USB cables ate securely connected to the respective ports and not damaged.
  4. Try to restart the system and wait for it to get rebooted.
  5. Use the Manual and reconnect all the power cords safely into the desired ports and access.
  6. If you notice the printer doesn’t turn ON, use the power button to bring it to the active state.
  7. Try to print by assigning the print task.

 Step3- Check the Use Printer Offline settings:

  1. Use the system settings and open the Devices & Printers
  2. Then, from the list of available names, you need to right-click on the desired HP Laserjet printer name to pick the option- See What’s printing.
  3. Then, you need to access using the Printer tab and clear all the selections next to use the Pause or Use Printer Offline option.
  4. Then, pick the option- Use the printer Online and attempt the print work.

 Step4- Install the HP Print & Scan Doctor application:

  1. Install the HP Print & Scan Doctor using the on-screen steps and register the printer to it.
  2. Then, you need to use the Scan now option to detect the issues on your printer.
  3. Now, you will get the instructions to resolve the printer issue.
  4. Till you feel the Offline issue, Call Our Technical Team for instant Guidance.