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A Troubleshooting guide to fix the HP Printer Scanning Issues

HP Printers always a better choice for users with New Innovations and appealing gadgets. On that note, the new launch of HP Printers and existing may undergo some Technical issues that can be easily solved using the official website 123.hp.com and support. The HP Printer error may be occurred due to a simple reason to the complex type. Don’t hesitate regarding the HP Printer-related issues.

Here, we have listed some technical problem that occurs in the HP Printer-scanning procedure. Use the instructions given below for the scanning issues that you might face repeatedly. The HP printing Scanning issue is the most-heard problem that is faced by users. If you need Technical assistance, Free to call our printer experts at any time for instant HP Printer-related issues.

Configuration & Compatibility Check

  1. First, check the printer to other printer-related devices connections intact. Try to replace the damaged cables with a new one to avoid this type of errors.
  2. In case, if the printer is unable to recognize the compatibility and configuration setup, you can face this type of error most frequently.
  3. When the Printer won’t scan issue arises, check the windows/mac operating system update. If you are using Windows 10, the latest update may fail to be compatible.
  4. Try to Update the printer software eventually in accordance with the Windows or MAC OS version using the Official HP Website.
  5. Never fail to update the driver software to its latest version.

Printer Reset

  1. Reset the initiative to fix the complex bugs, scanning error is just a part of the printer problem.
  2. Make a try on the Reset
  3. Turn off the HP Printer and other related devices.
  4. Unplug the power cords from the respective ports. Attempt the power-cycling method. After the power-cycling procedure, the scanner’s configuration parameters will start to reboot.
  5. You can start the scanning freshly using the HP Printer.

HP Print & Scan Troubleshooter

  1. If you use the additional support page eg. Troubleshooter via HP Official website. The solution will be simple and easy to carry out.
  2. Connect through the HP Print & Scan Doctor application which is limited for the HP-users. Use the given steps to operate the HP Print & Scan troubleshooter.
  3. Bring the system to the HP printer interface active and download the application on the device.
  4. Further, hit the Run option and launch the troubleshooter.
  5. Choose the HP printer and tap the Fix Scanning option on the resultant page. Use the on-screen prompts and complete the printer scanning issues in less time.

Operate Windows Image Acquisition Service

  1. Windows Image Acquisition Service is supported by Microsoft to permit the software to interface the imaging Hardware like Scanners & Cameras.
  2. To activate this service, follow the steps using the active printer setup.
  3. To launch, press the Windows + R key instantaneously and type the msc> give ok.
  4. On the resultant window, scroll down and double-tap the Windows Image Acquisition.
  5. Proceed Startup type>Automatic>Service status> Running. Then, click Apply> ok to save.

Update or Reinstall the printer driver OS

  1. On the active system, pick the Programs & Features
  2. On the displayed printer software list, select the desired HP printer and tap the uninstall
  3. Tap the Yes option to begin the restart procedure for uninstalling the software.
  4. Pick the remove device option and use the Official page to download the updated driver software. Then, add the printer using the system settings.
  5. You can also turn on the Auto-update for instant updates and to avoid this kind of issue.

Deactivate the Firewall

  1. Use the Cortona app and search the Firewall using the windows search tab.
  2. Choose the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on & off to the left.
  3. Now, turn off the Windows defender firewall on the next step.
  4. Alternative method: if you are using the HP Print & Scan Doctor, use the network settings> troubleshooting Firewall>tap
  5. Now, try to start the scanning procedure.

Set as default printer

  1. You can also use the HP Printer settings to get the printer to default using the Default Factory Reset option.
  2. Use the Tools or Setup Menu on the printer control panel settings.
  3. Hit the Reset Factory Default 
  4. Now, try to restart the printer and use the scanning option.
  5. Click the Scan option using the active HP Printer setup.

Open the System file checking scan

  1. Hold the Windows + X key and use the command section.
  2. Type the restore health/cleanup-image and tap the Return
  3. Now, the System file checker scan will start the procedure to troubleshoot.
  4. Now, specify- SFC/scan now in the command section.
  5. Give

Wait for the SFC procedure to complete, it may take some time. Then, try the scan procedure using the Scan option on the HP Printer.