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How to fix the HP Printer installation failed

Are you facing the HP Printer installation failed error on your HP Printer display?- Relax, we have an easy solution for that and this type of error is quite usual while printer setup.

For any printer-related issues and other doubts, visit the HP Official page and support page for your instant support & service. Now, once you have been confirmed with the HP Printer installation failed error, use the given crystal-clear steps to overcome the HP Printer-problem.

Solution1: Clear your system and Run the windows update

  • Open the active windows and start with the setup screen.
  • You need to confirm the Setup program completion status by staying on that page. Tap on the continue
  • Try to unplug the USB cables from the respective HP Printer and reboot the system simultaneously.
  • In the next step, Run the windows update using the programs option by entering windows update on the search tab.
  • Tap on the Security section and click the option- Check for updates. From the available updates list, select the desired one and try to update them.
  • At last, reboot the system and start the printer once.
  • Yet the problem persists, continue with the solution2.

Solution2: Reinstall the HP Printer’s driver:

  • Prior, you must remove the USB cables connected to the system and printer.
  • Then, turn on the printer and system.
  • Use the product link by right-clicking to it. Then, connect through the Software & Drivers
  • Enter the new printer keys and give them next.
  • Tap on the Software & Drivers download Here, select the desired operating system & give it next.
  • Hit the plus-sign next to the driver and select the desired driver from the list of available driver names.
  • Use the installation guidelines to finish the installation procedure on the system.
  • Redirect to the system saved folder to save the file.
  • Still, you face any issue to set printer, follow the solution3.

Solution3- Installing driver in Alternative method(using CD):

  • Take the given HP Printers installation CD from the printer box.
  • Then, take the CD and insert it into the CD-drive of the system.
  • The software installer starts automatically, once the installation CD is recognized.
  • If the installer wizard doesn’t start automatically, tap on the windows icon and click on the MY Computer option.
  • Then, double-click to the CD-drive.
  • Now, you need to use the on-screen directives and finish the software installation.

Still, you find it difficulties to handle the HP-printer, call our Technical Team for instant service & solution.