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How to Reset an HP Officejet Printer?

HP Officejet printers are of excellent quality, and reliable printers are in the marketplace. However, sometimes you might face technical issues with this process. The problem mainly occurs in the outdated versions of HP printer drivers and devices.

When it comes to resolving the HP printer problems, sometimes you will see the option to reset the printer. Now, are you thinking about how to reset the HP Officejet printer? If yes, then read this blog. It will help you reset printer easily.

In this blog, we are explaining how to reset the HP Officejet printer without any hassle.

The general procedure for resetting the printer easily and quickly is:

  • To begin with, deactivate the HP Officejet
  • Disconnect the USB cord from the Printer.
  • Then, disconnect the USB cord from the electric socket.
  • Wait for some time and connect the USB cord to the Printer.
  • Then, connect the USB cord to the electric socket.
  • Power up the electric socket and press the printer power button to activate the printer.
  • Once the printer activates, access the printer control panel.
  • Choose the Setup option, and you will see three options.
  • Select the Tools option, and a list of options will appear on the printer.
  • Choose- Restore Factory Defaults.
  • Then, choose the Yes option to reset the HP printer.
  • Now, the HP Officejet printer will restart.
  • Wait for the printer to restart.
  • Once the HP Officejet Printer restarts, it will reset to factory default settings.
  • Next, move on to the computer, which is in connection with the HP Officejet
  • Download HP Easy Start software on the computer.
  • Open the software and choose the Setup button. Then, continue with the wizard steps and access the control panel option.
  • Choose the power button light and ON it. Then, choose your printer option and select connect. After that, continue with the wizard steps, and you will see the preferred HP Officejet printer and network name.
  • Ensure that the network name is correct, and once the connection is over, choose the option- authorize.
  • With this, you will be able to retrieve the network passcode. The passcode helps you connect the Wi-Fi and HP Officejet
  • Then, start the software installation process by using the on-screen steps.
  • Choose the software you want to install and choose- continue. After that, choose- Add Printer, and you will see the Add Windows screen.
  • Select the preferred HP Officejet printer and click- Add. Finally, finish the process.
  • Finally, open a page and take a print of it as a sample.

Final Thoughts

With the step-by-step procedure given in this blog, reset the HP Officejet printer easily. However, if you need more clarification on this, feel free to call our technical team.