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How to Reset HP Wireless Printer Password

Are you facing troubles with Wireless HP Printer? It’s quite normal and HP Printer is fabulous at producing great output. If the Wireless printer is not applicable with a password, you will undergo many issues that can bring a vast drawback to the printing procedure. To overcome such a situation, we have enormous instructions to reset the Wireless HP Printer.

Factory reset or HP wireless printer reset is the best all-in-one solution for printer issues like Ink cartridges, driver-related issues, and other printing-related problems. So, use the given instructions carefully to overcome the printer issues simply using the HP Official page support.

Methods to Reset HP Printer to Factory Reset: 

  1. Keep your HP printer on and try to disconnect the power cords and cables from the power ports.
  2. If you have used USB cables, try to remove them.
  3. Wait for a few minutes, press & hold the wireless button on the HP Wireless printer for a few seconds.
  4. Now, again initiate the power connection using the power cables to the wall outlet and back to the printer ports.
  5. Finally, turn on the HP Printer and wait for its idle state. Then, try to install the driver software that is required for the HP Printer.
  6. You use the HP Official page 123.hp.com and enter the required printer keys to get the desired HP Printer driver using the driver download page and download option.
  7. Wait for the software to be downloaded on the system and open the HP Easy Start. Once you have opened the HP Easy Start application, tap the Setup my Printer option and accept the Terms & Condition page meanwhile.
  8. Move on with the Continue option. Then, check whether the printer control panel is in an active state.
  9. Use the display and select the desired HP Printer and hit the Continue option.
  10. The configuration screen will display the printer name and wireless network SSID with the Join
  11. Once you find the given printer and network is appropriate, you can give the Join button to start the wireless setup.
  12. If you don’t find the desired network name, enter them manually and choose it by clicking on the drop-down menu option.
  13. The default wireless network will be disconnected temporarily.
  14. Now, Run the HP Easy start using the desired network chosen. You will be retrieved with the password to connect wirelessly.
  15. Start the installation by following the given prompts. Then, try to install all the software which is necessary and start the print work.
  16. Still, you find any difficulties in handling HP Printer – contact our printer technician for quick and easy assistance.