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How To Scan Documents Using An HP Deskjet 2752e?

HP Deskjet 2752e printer is one of the best choices for scanning documents easily and quickly. However, many of you might don’t know how to scan documents with the HP 2752e printer. Considering this, here we are discussing the procedure to scan the documents using this printer.

Here is the standard procedure for scanning the documents with this HP printer:

Step 1: HP Smart App Installation

Installing HP Smart App on Windows and Mac devices is not a difficult job. You can do it easily by following a set of instructions. The standard set of instructions for HP Smart App installation on the computer is:

  • Keep the DJ printer, wireless router, and computer close to each other.
  • Activate the wireless router, computer, and HP Deskjet 2752e printer.
  • Ensure that all the devices are in connection with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Download the HP Smart App software on the Windows or Mac computer.
  • Run the software on the computer and follow the on-screen driver setup instructions.
  • Finish the HP Smart App installation.

Step 2: How to Use HP Smart App for Scanning using the HP DJ 2752e printer?

  • Firstly, open the HP Smart App software.
  • Access the HP Smart App settings section and make essential settings.
  • After that, choose the Add option and add your DJ printer using the wizard steps.
  • Next, move on to the HP Smart App home screen and choose the Scan button.
  • Now, the Get Started screen will appear, choose – Get Started.
  • Then, place the original document on the printer scanner glass.
  • Modify the Scan job type, size, resolution, and color settings and select- Scan.
  • Finally, get the scan.

Final Opinion

Now, we believe that you are clear on how to scan the documents using the HP Deskjet 2752e printer. If you need any clarification on this, contact our technical support experts. Our expert technical support experts will support you with immediate guidance.