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How to scan with the HP Envy 6032e printer?

The HP Envy 6032e printer is an all-in-one printer that comes with a scan feature. This allows the user to access the scan feature. To be able to use the HP Envy 6032e scanner, it has to be set up by downloading the required HP Envy 6032e scan driver. Follow the instructions below to help in the process of setting up the HP Envy 6032e printer to use the scanner.

Download the HP Envy 6032e scan driver

  • Power up the HP Envy 6032e printer and the device the printer is connected to.
  • On the device, open a preferred browser and key in the HP Official website 123.hp.com details.
  • As the website prompts, enter the details of the printer to gain access to the right driver.
  • Based on the details that have been entered, the drivers will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the HP Envy 6032e scan driver and proceed further to download it.
  • Once the download is complete, the scan driver has to be installed on the device.
  • Complete the process by following the on-screen instruction and clicking Finish.

Note: that it is important to make scan settings to the scan destination folder and the email for the send scan to email option.

How to scan on the HP Envy 6032e printer?

With the printer powered up and set up, you can now go ahead and begin to take a scan of the desired document.

  • Place the desired document on the glass scanner. Make sure it is free of debris and other foreign objects.
  • Ensure that the document is placed accurately using the markings as the guidelines.
  • Once the document is aligned, proceed to make the necessary changes to the file.
  • Choose the type of file based on your preference, such as JPEG or PDF.
  • Following this, choose where the file has to be sent, to the designated folder or to an email.
  • Once all these settings have been completed, proceed further to complete the scan setup.

The file will be scanned to the device using the scan driver. Should you have issues with the set-up of the scanner, contact us for further assistance.