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How to Setup Scan to Email on HP Printer?

Setting up the Scan to Email feature on HP Printer is not a difficult process. For this, you need to access the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS).

Now, don’t get worried on thinking about how to execute this process? If yes, then here are the standard steps for accessing the EWS and setting up the feature- Scan to Email.


How to Access the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS)?

For this, two methods are there. Here are the steps to implement the two methods. You can choose the method as per your preferences.

Method 1: Accessing the HP EWS from a web server

The general steps for this process are:

  • Power up the HP printer and access its control panel.
  • Choose the network option and you will get the IP address of the printer.
  • Move on to your computer and enter the IP address in the web browser.
  • Search the IP address and the EWS opens.

Method 2: Accessing the HP EWS from the HP Utility Software in the Mac device

The instructions for using this method are:

  • Power up your Mac computer and access the Utilities section.
  • Choose the HP folder and you will see the HP utility.
  • Double-click on the HP utility and the utility screen appears.
  • Access the Printer Settings section and go for Additional Settings.
  • Choose – Embedded Web Server and the EWS opens.


How to Configure the Feature- Scan to Email?

Here are the simple steps for configuring the “Scan to Email” features in the EWS:

  • To begin with, open the EWS home page,
  • Choose the System tab and select- Administration.
  • Move on to the Enabled Features area, set ON in the Scan to Email feature.
  • Access the Scan tab and choose- Outgoing Email Profiles.
  • Now, choose the button- New to continue.
  • Enter the email address of the sender in the section- Your Email Address.
  • Provide the name of the sender in the Display Name section.
  • Now, move on to the SMTP Server Settings section.
  • Provide the SMTP server address and port number.
  • Access the SMTP Authentication area.
  • Choose – SMTP server requires authentication for outgoing email messages.
  • Provide the user ID for the SMTP server in the section- SMTP User ID.
  • Enter the SMTP password in the respective field.
  • After that, provide the 4-digit PIN.
  • Go to the Email Message Preferences and complete the section.
  • Check all the information you entered and continue.
  • Finish the process.

Final Thoughts

Setting up the Scan to Email feature is easily possible with the method given here. However, if you have any doubt or need clarification on this method, call our experts.