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How to troubleshoot the HP Deskjet 4155e printer?

Troubleshooting is nothing but ensuring the printer issues, if needed track the given steps to resolve them easily. Try to use the HP Official page with the necessary printer keys to know much about the printer arrangements and setup to enhance the printing productivity using easy handling. Now, use the given steps to overcome the most-repeating error like HP printer not printing and HP Offline issues on HP Deskjet 4155e printer setup.

Not printing:

Not printing issues on HP Printer is quite usual and can be tackled with basic printer troubleshooting steps. Try to support via HP’s Official Website and ensure the other particulars. Here, use the steps given below to overcome the printer not printing issue.

  1. Hit the power switch to turn ON the printer and unplug all the power cords to arrange later using the HP Manual.
  2. Do the print test report using the Quality Diagnostic Report option on your active printer control panel.
  3. Carry out using the ink cartridge settings and check whether the ink cartridge’s ink levels are sufficient– try to replace or refill using the HP Premium quality ink cartridges.
  4. Further, try to clean the print head periodically either using the automatic method using the printer settings or try to use via Manual method.
  5. Carefully, take the installed print head and wipe it out gently without contacting the sensitive area.
  6. Simply, connect through the Automated print head cleaning features using the Maintenance menu with the support of HP Deskjet 4155e control panel settings.

Offline issue:

Offline issues can be occurred due to many reasons from basic printer setup to the printing output. Utilize the HP Official page and start the troubleshooting to inspect the cause of the error and try to use the below steps for easy recovery.

  1. First, connect the cords from the printer’s backside to the electric socket.
  2. Next, you need to alter the required configuration settings to obtain the printer back to online mode.
  3. Get back the printer to the default mode using the DevicesPrinters & Scanners option> Print queue.
  4. Now, continue with the HP printer> Set as default printer. At the same time, try to clear out all the print queues stored on the Devices option.
  5. Carry out using the Printers & Scanners option> Print queue.  Later, Run the printer-related queues and delete all.
  6. Move on with the system settings to add or remove the printer to bring the printer online.
  7. Access using the option- DevicesPrinters & Scanners option. Utilize the corresponding screen to add the printer using the option Add or remove the device.
  8. Then, remove the connected printer from the system and add using the Add a Printer or Scanner option.
  9. Finally, Restart once and assign the print job to ensure the HP Deskjet 4155e printer online mode.

Still, if you need any support on solving the HP Deskjet 4155e printer issues- Call Our Technical Team for instant support.