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Steps to Setup HP AirPrint

AirPrint can be accessed only through Mac wireless connectivity with the help of Mac device support. By enabling the AirPrint feature, you can easily start the printing and required printer-mentioned features on your fingertip by connecting to the stable network source.

In turn, to achieve the best wireless using this feature, link the Smartphone and Printer to the same network connection. Specifically, this setup needs some iOS support to establish the Wireless connection and AirPrint setup on HP Printer.

Wireless connection-HP AirPrint Setup

You can use the below two ways to connect the printer to the wireless:

  • Wireless network
  • Wi-Fi Direct

HP Wireless network connection

  1. You need to remove the existing USB cables connection from the printer setup, in turn, to launch the wireless setup using the AirPrint.
  2. Further, access using the options Setup> network> Wireless>Wireless setup wizard. Get the stable Wireless connection to start the AirPrint feature for the fabulous output.
  3. Move on with the displayed on-screen guidelines and finish the Wireless network connection.
  4. Hit the print option. If you cannot establish, utilize the Wi-Fi Direct method.

HP Wi-Fi Direct

  1. Initially, check whether the network connection on the Printer indicates with a visible blink, next to the Wi-Fi Direct using the printer’s control panel.
  2. Make use of the navigation key on the control panel settings and choose the Wi-Fi Direct or Wireless Direct method.
  3. Connect through the Apple device and pick the Wi-Fi option from the settings menu. Move on to the network menu and select the 123 HP Com printer from it.
  4. If required, you can also use the Direct to the printer’s name (Direct HP) option to start the AirPrint setup using Wi-Fi Direct.

How to print using the activated AirPrint

  1. To begin with, you need to ensure whether the HP printer is active or not, (Make sure the HP printer is not under sleep mode or offline mode while attempting the AirPrint setup)
  2. Then, you need to press the power button and bring the printer device to active mode.
  3. Now, you have to choose the needed document to be printed and hit the Share icon using a similar page. On the next page, use the list of service options to pick the Print option.
  4. Use the list of available printer names. Here, click “What if an AirPrint printer is not found on the iOS device? option, if needed.
  5. Finally, ensure with the printer settings using the preferences option like no. of copies, type of paper, alignment, etc.