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HP Envy 5534 printing blank pages

Blank pages can be caused due to the main reason if the scheduled paper sheets contain blank pages to print or else, due to some major issues on the ink cartridges related settings or physical. Try to get connected with the HP official page and get instant support using the reference of the HP Envy 5534 features.


  • Connect through the ink cartridges section and inspect the installed ink cartridge for any visible damage or low-level inks on it.
  • Operate through the ink cartridges and suspect any blockage or clogged If seen, try to use the cotton swabs or wipes to immediately remove the dirt in & around the ink cartridge.
  • Connect through the ink cartridge setting on the printer control panel to clear out all the ink cartridges.
  • Further, you have to connect through the Maintenance option to look whether the ink cartridge has full ink level. Attempt to refill or replace the ink cartridges if required.
  • Uninstall the installed ink cartridges from the respective slot and reinstall them gently into the respective slots.
  • Continue with the Windows key + Ron the system keyboard and type troubleshooter in the tab.
  • Connect through the Printer > Run the troubleshooter. Relax until the troubleshooting procedure gets completed.
  • Do the trail print work to ensure the setup process.
  • Operate through the HP Official page using the essential Printer keys- HP Envy 5534 printer driver.
  • Access through the Drivers & Software option to receive the required driver software that matches the compatible system OS.
  • Use the upcoming screen to choose the compatible type OS and language drop-down menu.
  • Further, proceed with the download and install the driver by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Try to enable the Auto-update option to immediately update the driver software by itself.
  • At the same time, try to download the HP Drive Easy application and choose the Scan now option on the home page. Next, you have to pick the Windows button>Update All
  • Operate through the HP Print & Scan Doctor application by downloading it from the App-store
  • Wait for the app to analyze the printer-related problems using the scanning method.
  • Relax until the troubleshooting process completes. Still, if you find the problem, proceed next.
  • Access through the Run command and type Service in the search tab. Wait for the available drop-down list, just double-click the Print spooler
  • Finally, hit the Stop > Ok option and complete the troubleshooting.

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