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How to Download & Install HP Printer Drivers?

Downloading, installing and updating the HP Printer driver is a vital part of owning a printer. When the HP printer is being set up for the first time, the HP driver has to be downloaded and installed on a device. The driver acts as a one-stop to access all the features of the printer and it keeps it connected to a network as well.

Which HP printer driver should be downloaded and installed on a device?

An important factor that should be noted is that the HP printer can be put to use as soon as it is removed from the box. The first step after physically setting up the printer should be to download the driver.

To answer the question of which driver should be downloaded, the all-in-one HP printer driver should be downloaded. The name of the printer and the operating system should be entered to download the right operating system.


How to download the HP printer driver?

The instructions below will assist in the process of downloading the HP printer driver. These instructions are provided in a simple and step-by-step manner so that the HP printer driver can be successfully be downloaded.

  • Power up the Windows device or the Mac device. Allow it to remain idle for a few minutes.
  • Choose a suitable web browser and open it.
  • Here, the details of the website should be entered. Key in the details of the official HP Support Website.
  • On entering the website’s details, the page will be redirected to the home page.
  • On the main menu tab, choose Drivers & Software. The driver can be accessed and downloaded here.
  • Following this, details will have to be entered to complete the process.
  • Choose the product type. In this case, click on the Printer icon.
  • This will be redirected to another page where further details of the printer should be added.
  • Enter the name/model of the printer. For example, HP Laserjet 1020 Plus.
  • The operating system has to be chosen to download the right driver.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the operating system.
  • If the device is a Windows device, choose Windows OS. If it is a Mac device, choose Mac OS.
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Downloading the HP printer driver

  • Based on all the details that have been entered a list of HP Printer drivers will be available for download.
  • The drivers will appear based on the model name and the details of the operating system that has been entered.
  • From the list of drivers that have appeared on the screen, download the all-in-one HP printer driver.
  • Click Download and the process will be initiated.

Where can the HP printer driver that has been downloaded be located?

  • The HP printer driver once downloaded will be found in the download bar or the download folder.
  • If the operating system that was chosen was Windows OS, the extension to locate the file will be .exe.
  • If the Mac operating system was chosen to download the driver, then the extension in the download folder will be .dmg.

The downloaded file will have to be run and the installation of the HP printer driver will have to be completed next.

How to install the HP printer driver?

The below instructions will assist in installing the HP printer driver on the device. The instructions should be followed to complete the installation process.

  • On locating the HP printer driver in the download bar or the download folder, the file has to be open.
  • Run the HP printer driver and begin the installation process.
  • To complete the installation all the on-screen instructions are to be followed.
  • The HP Installation Wizard will be opened.
  • Give access and agree to the License Agreement.
  • Other access and permissions will also have to be given to complete the installation successfully.
  • Complete the other instructions for the installation of the HP printer driver to be complete.

What is the final step in installing the HP printer driver?

To complete the installation of the HP printer driver, the printer will have to be connected to a network connection.

  • The installation wizard will prompt the user to choose a mode of connection. The two options that will be available are
    1. USB connection
    2. Wireless connection
  • Choose the desired mode of connection and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the connection has been established, select Finish.
  • On selecting Finish the installation of the HP printer driver is complete.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the HP printer driver?

The HP printer driver can be downloaded from the Official HP Support website. The instructions below will assist.

  • Open a preferred web browser.
  • Enter the details of the HP Support website.
  • On being redirected to the main page, select Drivers & Software from the main tab.
  • Enter details of the printer such as the model name and the operating system.
  • All the available drivers will show up on the screen.
  • The driver can be downloaded from here.

Can I use the printer without downloading the printer driver?

No, the HP printer driver must be downloaded and installed. This will allow the printer to be connected to a device. The print commands can be sent from the device only if a driver is installed and connected to the HP printer.

The above instructions will assist in downloading and installing the HP printer driver. If you have issues with the download and installation of the HP printer driver, contact us. Our team of experts will be able to complete the process for you. Contact us.