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Troubleshooting HP Printer won’t printing Black pages:

Are you wedged with a HP Printer that won’t print black issues?

Relax, we have a bunch of solutions to tackle the print issues in less time. In this busy world, you maybe urge to submit your office print work or student printouts. Skip the replacement of the new HP Printer or service for this kind of issue- Just replace the remedy using the simple tips and steps to solve the reoccurring HP Printer issues. Keep full-stop to the HP Printer Won’t print black print issues, using the below steps and tips.

Step1- Check the Printer fundamentals

For precise error identification, you need to get the root of the problem. Follow the given steps to identify and solve the problem.

  1. You must get adequate knowledge about the HP Printer specifications to run the diagnostic test.
  2. Refer to the HP Printer Official page for clear details regarding the specific Printer Hardware & Software.
  3. Check the Printer connection virtually. Suspect of any loose connection or damaged wires or USB cables.
  4. Try to do the Power-cycling method for better accuracy. Just turn off the HP Printer devices and unplug the connective carefully. Later, again plug-in the respective cables to the appropriate slots.
  5. Attempt the print test report- using the Quality Diagnostic Report option on the active HP Printer control panel.
  6. Look at the installed ink cartridges ink levels– replace or refill using the Premium quality ink cartridges.

Step2- Analyze the Ink cartridge issues:

  1. Make sure the ink cartridges are appropriate to their respective slots without any issues.
  2. In case, you are installing the new or first-time ink cartridges setup, the ink cartridge protective vent may act as an obstruction. This eventually disturbs the HP Printer’s function.
  3. Check the ink cartridges periodically to avoid this kind of issue repeatedly.
  4. Uninstall the existing ink cartridges from the slot and replace them correctly with the appropriate slots.
  5. For reference use the given HP Printer Manual for the proper ink cartridge installation process.
  6. Follow the further steps to solve the HP Printer issues, if not.

Step3- Verify the print head & software:

  1. The print head can be cleaned automatically using the HP Printer settings and given you can use the Manual 
  2. If your HP Printer supports the automated print head cleaning features, you can choose it from the Maintenance menu from the HP Printer control panel settings.
  3. Until you are free from clogs from the print head, you can run the cleaning procedure multiple times.
  4. Use the system settings and verify the existing driver software details. If it is outdated or corrupted, follow the below steps.
  5. Remove/uninstall the driver software from the system. Use the Official website 123.hp.com and install it again with its latest version.
  6. Run the troubleshooting steps for more accurate analyzes.


Still, the HP Printer is under trouble- Print won’t print black prints- contact the Technician or give the HP Printer to the service. Reach us for instant HP Printer-related issues, we are here to serve you 24/7.