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Why is HP Printer not printing?

  1. First, troubleshoot using the physical requirements.
  2. Try to check the ink or Toner cartridges that need refilling or replacing.
  3. If you suspect any ink cartridge blocks and other damage, it may result in the printer not printing error.
  4. Look whether there are any error notifications or messages on the printer control panel display.
  5. Use the Print Spooler service option using the Windows + R key. Use the slider and scroll down to locate the Print Spooler option.
  6. Try to right-click the Print spooler option to obtain the Restart option on it.
  7. Look for the print job, if not able to print. Continue with the below steps.
  8. Use the Device Manager option and connect to the page connected to the printer to select the desired HP printer from the list.
  9. Click the printer name and tap the uninstall option near it.
  10. Or else, use the Windows troubleshooter using the Devices & Printers option with the help of Windows + R.
  11. On the resultant page, use the list of added applications to locate the desired printer name.
  12. Then, right-click to get the troubleshoot option.
  13. You will be dragged to the next wizard screen. Simply follow the screen prompts and fill out the troubleshooting process.
  14. Whether uninstall the printer registration from the active system.
  15. Later, add it again freshly by restarting the entire printer setup.
  16. Look for the HP Printer driver’s version. If outdated, uninstall it or update it using the Official HP website 123.hp.com.
  17. Now, check the printer’s response.
  18. If not accessible, try to clear all the print queues.