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How to Set up Wireless Network on the HP Printer?

Setting up a wireless network in the HP printer is an easy process. You can do this process without any hassle if you follow a specific procedure. In this blog, we are explaining two methods for wireless setup. One method is using HP Smart App and the other one is via printer wireless setup.

Starting with the first method,

How to do the wireless setup with HP Smart App?

The method is very simple. Here is the procedure:

  • Firstly, power up the computer which is in connection with the printer.
  • Then, download HP Smart App on the computer.
  • Open the file that you downloaded to start its installation.
  • Once the installation begins, carry on with the wizard instructions.
  • Install the app properly on the computer and open it.
  • Now, make changes in the settings of the HP Smart App.
  • Move on to the shown option- Add Printer and click on it.
  • Add your printer to the HP Smart App with the on-screen steps.
  • Finish HP printer wireless setup and take a sample print.


How to set up the wireless network in the printer through a wireless setup wizard?

The procedure for this wireless setup process is:

  • To begin with, switch on the printer.
  • Check the settings and confirm to have everything is perfect.
  • Move on to the wireless menu and choose the wireless setup.
  • Many device wireless networks will appear on the printer screen.
  • Select the wireless network of your computer and continue.
  • Finish the printer wireless network setup process.
  • Open a file on your device and take a sample print of it.

Final Thoughts:

Following any of the two above methods can help you do Wi-Fi network setup easily. You can select the wireless setup method as per your requirements. If you require additional guidance or information, contact our technical support team.