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How to fix the HP Smart App Printer Offline error

Offline error is a normal part of HP Smart App access using your desired HP Printer connection. You can use the HP Official page to refer to the printer features and needs to avoid Offline issues. To fix the Offline issues while working on the HP Smart app, use the given set of instructions and topics to instantly step-back from the Offline issues.

Why is my HP Smart App say Printer Offline?

As we know HP Smart App is the Exclusive application for HP Printers.

You can use the given points to know the reason to get the Printer Offline error flashes while working with HP Smart App. You can expect this type of offline issues majorly on the windows 10 system.

  • Firstly, improper or loose connection between the printer & Wireless router.
  • Due to some printer’s driver outdated or corrupted issue.
  • When the printer is under Offline mode on settings.
  • When it Needs any upgrade on windows driver.

Steps to fix the HP Smart app printer Offline issue:

  1. Switch OFF the desired HP Printer.
  2. Then, you need to remove/delete the HP Printer name using the Devices and Printers options.
  3. Use the Control panel and uninstall the existing driver software using the uninstall option.
  4. Use the Windows key and on the Run search tab, provide Spool.
  5. Hit the Printers tab at the top of the page.
  6. Use the upcoming screen to delete all the temp files from the windows system devices.
  7. Ensure the temp file folder remains Empty before proceeding to the next step on the active windows system.
  8. Then, you need to turn ON the printer using the power button.
  9. Next, know the IP Address of the printer device and mention it on the Network configuration page of the printer settings.
  10. Then, carry out using the options back-to-back like Control Panel> Devices & Printers> Add Printer.
  11. If the printer is not found, use the option- The printer I want isn’t listed.
  12. Then, you need to access using the option-Add printer using TCP or IP Address option.
  13. Try to mention the IP address of the printer to the specified tab and give it Next.
  14. Otherwise, the windows system will itself link to your printer and will install its latest driver automatically.
  15. Now, you have successfully installed the IP Address on your HP Printer.
  16. Now, try to redirect to the HP Smart app and inspect whether the printer to back to online mode.
  17. Yet, you face the issue- Contact Our Technical Team for the instant support & Guidance.