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Install HP Officejet 4000 Driver Software

HP Officejet 4000 Printer is comfortable for both small and large office works. Follow the steps below for a software update, HP Printer USB setup, easy wireless setup, download and install HP Officejet 4000 driver.

Click Download to HP Officejet 4000 software ⇓

hp Officejet 4000 install

HP Officejet 4000 All-in-One Printer

  • First, you need to know the Printer model name, printer ID, and operating system version of your computer.
  • Then navigate to 123.hp.com/oj4000 to find the printer driver software.
  • On the driver download page, enter the Printer model name and click on search.
HP Officejet 4000 Printer Setup
HP Officejet 4000 Software Install
HP Officejet 4000 Wireless Setup
HP Officejet 4000 Troubleshooting

Download HP Officejet 4000 Printer Driver

HP Officejet 4000 Driver Download - Windows

  • There should be a steady connection between the 123.hp.com/oj4000 printer and the electric board.
  • Select the device network for receiving the premium printing with an easy setup.
  • For installing the HP Officejet 4000 driver, search for printer setup on the website page 123.hp.com/setup driver.
  • To know the list of driver software available, tap on the Driver and software option.
  • After the selection of the driver, tap on the Download option for downloading.
  • Once downloading is over, try installing with the help of the guidelines mention below.

HP Officejet 4000 Driver Download - MAC

  • Before starting, the printer should have a connection with the electric board for a proper power supply.
  • Ensure stable network connection.
  • Have a proper printer setup for downloading the driver on the webpage.
  • Click on the Driver and software option to obtain the list of driver setup under the driver site.
  • Suppose the 123.hp.com/oj4000/install driver setup is not listed, then enter the model number and name
  • After this, hit the download option for the appropriate Driver download.
  • For first time setup, use the USB cable. Click on this for HP Officejet 4000 wireless setup.
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HP Officejet 4000 CD/DVD Driver download

HP Officejet 4000 CD/DVD Driver Installation technique in which users choose to install the HP Officejet 4000 driver using the CD. It is useful to make work simpler. This CD technique can be possible for both Windows as well as MAC.

HP Officejet 4000 CD/DVD Driver Installation for Windows

  • The installation of the CD can happen by following the procedure given below.
  • Before the installation of the CD, the Driver tries to understand whether the printer setup is physically connected or not.
  • If not connected, take the USB cord from the packaging box and plugin between the 123.hp.com/setup 4000 printer and the device.
  • For Driver installation, take the CD from the parcel; handle it with care. It does not have any scratches on the CD.
  • Click on the AutoPlay button to insert the CD into the CD driver of your Windows system.
  • Ensure that you place the file on the C drive.

HP Officejet 4000 CD/DVD Driver Installation for MAC

  • The HP Officejet 4000 CD/DVD installation is the first step in the printer setup process.
  • Make the usage of the driver installer CD present and crisscross its compatibility with the Mac processor.
  • From the setting option available there, select an AutoPlay option to install the 123.hp.com/oj4000 CD driver.
  • In the absence of installation notification, go to the CD driver from its place and copy the setup.
  • On the functional storage space, copy and paste the printer setup.
  • Finally, double-click on it to complete the installation process.

HP Officejet 4000 Supported OS







HP Officejet 4000 Printer Driver Updates

HP Officejet 4000 Printer driver update for windows

  • Initially, know whether your computer can download the HP printer driver automatically or not.
  • To set your computer settings to automatic download, follow these steps.
  • Then on your computer drive, go to windows and modify the device installation settings.
  • These settings are under control panel headings.
  • Click on the option, a message popped-up will display, and then click on the Ok button.
  • The remaining steps are displayed for you to download the printer driver.
  • Be sure you download the latest version of the 123.hp.com setup 4000 driver printer to execute the print job.

123 HP Officejet 4000 Driver - Troubleshooting

HP Officejet 4000 Printer Not Found During Driver Setup

For Windows

  • To resolve the error happening, Install and run the HP Print and Scan doctor.
  • If the printer cannot found, click on My products to connect to the 123.hp.com/setup 4000 printer.
  • Otherwise, disconnect all the USB cables from the printer and uninstall the program from the Control panel.
  • The order mentioned can happen by going to printer software.

For Mac

  • Click the on Apple option available there.
  • Click on the Print and fax option, from the Print and scan, or printer and scanner.
  • After this, Right-click on the Printer window and tap the Reset printing system option.
  • Hit the Reset option from the confirmation window showing.
  • In the box given below, type the Administrator name and the password.
  • Click on OK to finish the process.

Unable to deduct the desired network during installation

  • Primarily, check the connection with the wireless adapter is properly on or not.
  • If some mistake happens, continue with the re-installation of the network adapter there.
  • Open the device manager choice from the computer.
  • Right-click on the selected adapter present to Uninstall.
  • Find the network available from the 123.hp.com/oj4000 printer setup site and download it.
  • Now-Again, right-click on the network adapter.
  • After this, click on the Update driver software for updating.
  • Shut down the other entire device and reboot it and then bring the computer and wireless router closer.
  • And now try reconnecting to the network once again.