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How to setup an HP printer with my windows 10 system?

The printer setup is the Main part of the printer function, use the HP Manual or HP Official page to do the printer setup. Complete the printer setup using the driver Download & installation process. Prepare the printer setup with the windows 10 connection.
To avoid the printer-troubleshooting, use the windows 10 system device with suitable driver software. At the same time, verify the compatible system OS and its version using the 123.hp.com.

Use the given bunch of step-wise to complete the printer setup using the Windows 10 system connection:

1. Ensure whether the system is capable to access the printing work with available options.
2. Use the HP Manual and start the printer setup using the Windows 10 system. You can use the provided cables to connect the printer to the printer accessories.
3. Utilize the wireless network printing, if the printer is capable of network print.
4. Ensure network stability and try the printing process using the print option.
5. Make sure the windows driver updater is enabled and look at the driver version. If not install the windows system OS with its latest version.
6. Open the windows system and click on add a printers or scanners option from the Devices & Printers option.
7. Wait until the windows locate the printer. Once the respective printer is found by scanning procedure, click to add the printer.
8. Hit the Add Device option to complete the setup process.
9. In case the printer is not available, use the option- The printer that I want isn’t listed. Now, use the other option and locate the printer to add with the windows 10 system.
10. Once the printer is added to the Windows 10 system, you can directly use the print option by selecting the document to be printed.
11. To avoid the setup troubleshooting procedure, you need to cross-check the printer connection and configurations with reference to the Manual support.
12. Ensure the printer setup using the print option.