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Why is my HP printer printing black lines?

When the HP printer prints black lines they can be removed at once. For this, simple steps and guidelines are to be followed to remove the issue with the printer.

  • Error with the printer
  • Ink cartridge issue

Here are the guidelines that should be followed to remove the issue with the printer to ensure the black lines are removed once and for all.

Before going ahead with the process it is vital that these below items are made available for the issue to be removed.

Cotton swab – 5 to 6

Lint-free cloth – to make sure there is no fiber left behind after cleaning

Distilled water – to be used when cleaning the ink cartridges

Paper towel – to place the printer cartridges on

Here is the step-by-step process to remove the issue of the HP printer printing black line. 

Step1 – Remove the print cartridge

  • Power up the HP printer and open the cartridge access door. Make sure the printer cartridge moves to the center of the printer.
  • When the cartridge has moved to the center of the printer, the printer has to be turned off.
  • Note that it is important that the 123.hp.com printer is turned off only when the cartridge is at the center of the printer.
  • Once it has reached the center, remove the cartridges from the printer and place them aside.

Step 2 – The printer cartridges should be cleaned

  • Take the cotton swab that has been left aside and moisten it with distilled water.
  • Do not soak the swab but just moisten it slightly.
  • Clean the face and the edge of the printer cartridge with the cotton swab.
  • Check the cartridge for dust or debris. Do this in the light so that any hidden dust can be visible and it can be removed.
  • Clean all the cartridges as well. Make sure the cotton swab is changed when cleaning each cartridge.

Step 3 – The printer cartridges have to be re-installed.

  • Take each cartridge and place them back one by one through the access door.
  • Then, take the power cord and connect the back of the printer and then to the power supply.

Turn the HP printer back on.

Step 4 – Complete a clean test

  • Open the HP toolbox shortcut that can be found on the desktop.
  • Click on Printer Services.
  • Following this, choose Clean the Printer Cartridges.

This should remove the issue. If there are black lines that are still visible even after the printer has completed the above procedures, the ink cartridges have to be changed.

But, before you replace the ink cartridges, give our team of experts a call to make sure that all the guidelines are followed accurately and the existing cartridges that are in use are not simply discarded.