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How to find WPS Pin for HP Envy Photo 7100 Printer?

WPS PIN is the code that the HP Envy Photo 7100 printer generates. With this PIN, you can connect the printer to the device Wi-Fi network. Moreover, the WPS code is auto-generated and changes every time similar to an OTP (One Time Password). Finding WPS PIN on the HP Envy Photo 7100 printer is a simple process. You will see the WPS PIN on the Envy Photo printer during the WPS setup process. However, for this, you have to follow a specific set of instructions.

Before looking at the steps to find the WPS Pin, let’s understand what is WPS?

WPS – What it is?

The WPS number refers to an 8-digit code. It is a security code used to connect the printer with the Wi-Fi network. The printer generates the code when the wireless setup process begins. You can make use of this code for connecting the printer to the Wi-Fi router and for syncing the devices & printer.

Where to get the WPS PIN for HP Envy Photo 7100 printer?

The basic procedure to find the WPS PIN for the HP Envy Photo 7100 printer is:

  • Initially, activate the HP Envy Photo 7100 printer.
  • Access the printer touch panel.
  • After that, choose the settings symbol.
  • Then, select the Network settings option and print the Printer Network Configuration Page.
  • Now, you can visualize the WPS PIN of the Envy Photo 7100 printer.

However, sometimes, you might unable to find the WPS PIN on the network configuration page. In this situation, feel free to call our experts. Our experts will guide you on what to do to find your WPS PIN.

How to use WPS PIN to connect the HP 7100 printer and device Wi-Fi?

Connecting the HP 7100 printer and device Wi-Fi using WPS PIN is a simple process. The simple steps for this process are:

  • To start with, access the HP Envy Photo 7100 printer panel.
  • Choose the Settings option and select – Connections.
  • Then, choose the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.
  • Now, the WPS setup begins and you will see an 8-digit WPS PIN on the panel for 90 seconds.
  • When the wizard prompts, enter the WPS PIN to continue.
  • Proceed with the wizard steps and finish the wireless setup process.

Final Thoughts

Now, we believe that you got a clear understanding of the WPS setup and how to find the WPS Pin. However, if you have any doubt about this process, make a call to us.