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123.hp.com printer setup

Unpack the hp printer

Reveal the parcel; remove all the tapes and stickers from the outer surface of the package material. Hold the 123hp printer carefully from its sides place it on the plain surface.

Connect power cord

Connect the power cord with the printer and plug in other end to the electric outlet. Press the power button and Switch on the printer. Wait for the connection to establish.

Install ink cartridges

Remove the ink cartridge from inside the parcel and eliminate the tapes from it. Hold it firmly and insert the nozzle in the appropriate allotted slots and close the access door.

Choose your 123hp Printer to Setup

How to Setup Web Services

Enabling the web service will allow your hp 123 com printer to communicate safely via internet with the web- connection printing service, which includes HP ePrint cloud printing and HP instant ink delivery.

  • Connect your printer with a wired or wireless printer network with an internet connection.
  • Ensure that your wireless feature is on and the printer must be connected to the same network.
  • On the control panel, and press 123 hp com setup ePrint option available there.
  • But if HP ePrint is not present, navigate to Web Service Setup to open Web service menu.
  • If web service summary screen display, web service application is already on.
  • If asked to turn the Web service on, press Enable, Turn On. Update the firm ware is asked to do so.

123.hp.com/setup tech support

hp 123 com Printer Features

123 hp com setup printers consolidate the functionality of a printer, copier, scan into one single machine. It is consolidate assets, budget friendly and improve the workflow.

Keep it real

Print brings out the innovation with high quality and better resolution in a smart and effortless move. It is a built- in feature option provided by 123.hp.com printer.

123.hp.com'setup features

Automate your scanning workflow

The scanning feature of the printer takes it to next level. The scanner helps to convert their material copy into the soft copy with high quality resolution and save for future use as well.

Make your future reference

The copy feature of 123.hp.com/setup printer is to make a copy of important document that can be used in future. The document can be saved in the printer’s memory for future reference.

Make your future reference

The fax feature is considered to be more secure than sending a document through postal mails or emails. It is the fastest way to sending confidential documents. It helps to pass important information from one place to another in no time.In most of the cases, faxing requires a typical landline telephone service.