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How to fix the HP printer not responding issue?

Once you come across the HP printer not responding error on the HP Printer display. Just relax and use the given bunch of instructions to overcome the printer error in less time. You can also use the Official HP Page support for the latest driver software to download and access. Make use of the instructions on the wizard screen to complete the desired driver installation procedure.

Note: Try to check the printer driver periodically, damaged or outdated driver software will cause a not responding error.

You can enable the Auto-update for the instant update on the respective registered printer setup.

Use the given instruction once you have tried the driver installation procedure.

  1. First, have a virtual inspection of the HP printer for any physical damage or components on the printer.
  2. If the printer seems available with any damage or dent, try to give to the service and rectify it instantly.
  3. Ensure the printer connecting cables and route for any loose connection or damage in cords.
  4. After ensuring with the printer Hardware and configurations. Try to proceed with further steps.
  5. Now, connect through the system settings and pick the devices option to obtain the Printers & Scanners
  6. Look for the required printer name and right-click to get the option- Set as Default option.
  7. Mark and select the printer-related files and caches on the next screen using the print queues
  8. On the upcoming window, use the Print Spooler service option with the help of the Windows + R key. Move the system cursor and scroll down to obtain the Print Spooler
  9. On the succeeding pages, pick the Print Spooler option > reboot
  10. Try to finish the Print Spooler restart procedure and perform the print function. Still, you find the printer doesn’t respond, use the given steps.
  11. Utilize the uninstall option to uninstall the respective printer name and linked printer from the compatible system. Continue with the same system settings add the printer using the add printer option.
  12. Perform the restart option on the whole printer setup by unplugging the default connections safely.
  13. Use the printer network to the printer-related devices.
  14. Look at the Wi-Fi network strength. Try to locate the wireless router and bring it nearby the printer setup.
  15. At last, use the power-cycling method on the desired HP printer and perform the printing work using the print option/icon.
  16. You can communicate with our printer experts for the instant and best solution regarding the HP printer troubles.