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HP Deskjet 2700 Factory Reset instructions

Do you have any hesitation to reset your HP Deskjet 2700 printer? Keep your doubts aside and reset if required. Reset makes your printer to perform better by removing minor bugs and other trashes. Once you done the reset procedure on your printer can visibly notice the improvement on the performance and functionality of the printer to establish its stated features.

Make sure the printer’s driver software is updated and free from certain driver issues like outdated or corrupted. Once everything is fine, you can proceed with the below steps:

Use the given steps to Reset the HP Printer quickly

  • Initially, you have to turn ON the printer and disconnect the connected power cables safely from the respective ports.
  • If additional support is required, use the HP Manual or HP Official page to locate the desired power ports for reconnecting further and complete disconnection status.
  • At the same time, eradicate all the plugged cables from the other end of the power cables directly from the power source.
  • Let the HP Deskjet 2700 printer be idle for a few seconds for at least 60 seconds approximately.
  • Then, you have to reconnect the required power cords safely to the appropriate ports and directly to the wall outlet.
  • Wait until the HP Deskjet 2700 printer completes its reset procedure and turn ON automatically.
  • Wait until the HP printer shows the active status, alter some changes using the startup settings and continue with the print work.
  • Assign the test print using the configuration report.

Factory reset on HP Printer

Factory Reset on the HP Printer can simply elevate the functionality and accessibility of the printer after removing some minor bugs on your printer. Proceed with the provided steps and finish the reset procedures completely for efficient printer access.

  1. To begin with, connect through the HP Official page and sign in using the Administrator using the printer web page.
  2. Operate through the general tab to pick the Reset Factory settings option from the menu.
  3. Then, proceed using the Reset firmware– Here, choose the Reset option.
  4. Finalize with the Reset option, now, your HP Deskjet 2700 printer will restart automatically.
  5. Connect through the upcoming screen to mention the active date and time.
  6. If you entered the incorrect appropriates, you won’t be allowed to operate the printer.
  7. In the next step, try to alter the password if required via the Administrator account.
  8. Finally, utilize the Security tab to specify the new password and check the mentioned password. Complete the procedure using the apply > close option.